Oh my god.

I can’t believe I’m here in this place again. Let’s just say this isn’t my first rodeo.

I have blogged in many different ways and for many different reasons in the past, including a weight loss blog that included me — whining — for about 8 months. Did I lose any weight? I don’t think so. Frankly I forget. My brain kind of works like that.

But I like the process — I love to write, to connect with STRANGERS (note the word in bold — I do not plan to talk with anyone in my life about anything I say here). I need an outlet.

So why WINE and WORKOUTS? Because they are my two favorite pasttimes, and they are pitted against each other in my quest to lose about 20 lbs before my 40th birthday. In all honesty, the wine is the reason I have to work out, and I work out in order to accomodate my love for wine.

But what’s that old saying?


or was it this one?


Oh, you say potato and I say ….

…I say it might be hard to make that one change I know I need to. I need to up my workouts and down my wine. Or maybe downing my wine IS the problem. I don’t know. These Einstein quotes have me all confused.

I will wrap this up, but I will be back. Back to talk about little bit about my love for Wine and Workouts. And all the WEIGHS in which I need to change. Before I am Over the Hill.


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