Scratching my head.

I am a chronic dieter. I have always — for my entire life, ever since I was a teenager — felt as though I had 20 pounds to lose. I won’t go into my upbringing (yet) or why I have been raised to be a dieter (COUGH *** thanks mom *** COUGH) but I am and at this point, my “I’m so Zen and I am just going to accept my body the way it is” mentality has cost me a 10 pound weight gain over the last year.

So I know it’s time to do something and this weight ain’t takin’ itself off. But I am thoroughly confused — and that may be the world’s most colossal understatement.

Diets I have hade moderate success on include Weight Watchers, Type O Blood Type Diet, Herbalife and Transitions. Beyond those 4 of my million attempts, I did have short term success. With three daughters, I am no longer interested in “eating” via shakes and pills so that rules out the two latter methods. With my pledge to not give a single dollar to the weight loss industry during this process, Weight Watchers is off the table. And that leaves the Type O Blood Type Diet, which I find unmanageable — and which I have attempted a few times since with no weight loss (When I first tried it, I was nursing — which may have accounted for the rapid weight results). I went vegan for 30 days — I felt great but that weight loss they promised just never happened

I also attended a hippy-dippy eating therapy group that helped me to process some of my hang-ups with eating. That class inspired me to eat intuitively. Intuitively, I am confused about how to eat — my head is filled with 39 years of wacky information about nutrition, much of which contradicts itself.

So who do I  trust? One scientist says to eat whole foods only, another meat and cheese. One restricts you to non-processed sweeteners, another to ONLY processed sweeteners. One says no carbs, one says you need them. One says go vegan, another urges animal protein. WTF.

For the next month, I do want to try something new — just to shake it up a bit. Sometimes I think it is beneficial, at the very least, to keep your body on its toes.

I found this book at the library and while I am a little confused as to why it would be okay to drink diet soda and use aspartame on my oatmeal (neither of which I will be doing — I do have some of my own ideas about nutrition after all this time ), I think giving up sugar/fructose would be a great way for me to kickstart these next 9 months.


It can’t hurt right? And already I have identified some potential problems with my “healthy” diet — namely that I eat high-fructose vegetables like my life depends on it (carrots, cukes, peppers). There is no harm in experimenting a little with the concept of eliminating fructose from my diet. Let’s give it 30 days.


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