Flashback Friday

Don’t get too excited — I’m just flashing back over the week. I think it’s a good practice to do so on Fridays, especially since at this point I am writing for myself. I haven’t worked up the courage to share this blog, or my goals, with anyone. I am too afraid to fail.

But this week was worth examining, and it was also unusual for two reasons — it is school vacation and we took two mini-trips. Knowing I would have these challenges, I made a decision to use my time wisely and take a closer look at my nutrition rather than trying to micromanage it. These weeks are generally a loss when it comes to having any sense of routine.

But even with my challenges this week, these good things happened:

I made it to kickboxing twice and I even went to a great yoga class while traveling. With 6 feet of snow still on the ground, I anxiously await the hiking/walking days still to come. But all told, I made a decent effort this week.

I went to a buffet for the first time in my life. I carefully perused all of the choices and decided on a plate containing a bbq short rib, a cup of corn/black bean salad, and a 1/2 cup of potato salad. Then I indulged in a small crustless cheesecake thingy for dessert. It was delicious, I felt satisfied but not stuffed, and the house won as far as the cost of admission but I won as far as keeping my dignity and my promise to myself.

I drank more wine than I should have while away with family, but sometimes that is how it goes. Next week is a new week.

I didn’t stay positive as much as I would have liked, mindset-wise. I let self-loathing thoughts dominate me and I really want to change this. Sometimes I feel like an old dog trying to learn a new trick.

I did decide to take a closer look at much protein I consume and I think it deserves some consideration. I have read articles about how we need more protein, and articles about how we don’t. It’s another example of the confusing information out there. But this week I will be looking into vegan protein sources and trying to incorporate more of those into my diet, just to keep things well-rounded. Constantly looking to improve 🙂

Sorry this post was so boring. It sucks talking to myself.


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